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Aboriginal Art by Region

Historically, Australian Aboriginal people had three main forms of communicating — storytelling, songs, and visual communication through painting, drawing and the use of ceremonial design. Without a written language, future generations, beyond generational learning, largely depended on the wide breadth of Aboriginal Art to communicate and understand past practices and culture.


Across Australia more than 250 Indigenous Australian languages existed and with each, dialects and language nuances were based on their geographical location, Aboriginal Art was also widely varied based on region.


Unlike Western Art, Aboriginal artworks were not as concerned with adhering to a particular artistic style. Rather, artists were tasked as the great record keepers of their day, arguably creating some of the most honest and authentic art out of pure necessity.


While certain symbols depicted in Aboriginal Art could only be decoded by experienced elders within the community, these pieces stand to be excellent visual references of what life was like for Aboriginal peoples. Through carefully examining Aboriginal Art, we are continually exposed to a unique insight into the varied landscape of Australia and the creators and culture of each artist.


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