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Australian Aboriginal Art translates, in part, an ongoing oral culture over 65,000 years old.

We think that’s incredible. And beyond the beauty and depth of the artworks lies something equally important, the artist, their family, and their community. We partner with not-for-profit community governed organisations to bring beautiful Aboriginal artworks to your home. This enables you to support social and economic enterprise within communities and to buy Aboriginal Art ethically.

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Australian Aboriginal Art shares stories of the artist's Dreaming. Also known as the Dreamtime, Jukurrpa, and Songlines, Aboriginal Art shares an insight into a rich and strong culture.

Supernatural beings traversed the continent in an intricate web of Dreaming tracks, they created everything. Rainbow Serpents, Lighting men and a whole host of beings created the world of Aboriginal people. Not only did they create the landscape and all that resides within it, but they also laid down the laws of social and religious customs which to this day remain at the core of Aboriginal identity and dictate much of daily life. And despite what you may think the Dreaming does not refer to dreams or unreality, nor is it an ancient history. The Dreaming is all-encompassing as the past, the present, and the future - it is lived. Each Aboriginal artist inherits their Dreaming by decent which luckily for us translates into glorious Aboriginal artworks which support economic independence and are a source of incredible pride for the artists.

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We want people to buy and enjoy Aboriginal Art that really means something. Art is a powerful tool for social and economic enterprise, for social change and the betterment of people’s lives.


Unfortunately, there is a lot of Aboriginal Art out there that is available through means of exploitation. ART ARK® will only ever promote and sell works sourced through community not-for-profit organisations that work in the best interests of the artists. These organisations facilitate the production and sale of artworks and are scattered throughout some of the most remote parts of Australia. They do a great job of supporting their communities and providing a transparent avenue to access the beautiful artworks being produced.

 If you wander into a gallery to ask about a work and they tell you it has been authenticated by the gallery, or another third party, then it requires further investigation. If there’s a token picture of the artist holding up the work we’d bet our bottom dollar they haven’t been paid properly. Authentication goes beyond proving the artist has painted the work: authentication also needs to define fair payment and rule out exploitation.

This is the bare bones of an incredibly complex issue but here's the quick take away; Buy Aboriginal Art that has originated from and is authenticated by a not-for-profit Aboriginal Art Centre (the only kind we sell).  It’s a simple fail-safe for the time conscious and ethically-minded buyer.

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