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Warlukurlangu Artists of Yuendumu - Aboriginal Art centre

Warlukurlangu artists are proud of the fact that the art centre is run by the local community and is operated by them. The stunning and colourful works created by these talented artists are a reflection of the local iconography and Dreaming stories of the region and are widely admired. The name "Warlukurlangu" means "belonging to fire", which explains the origin of the art centre.

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Gapuwiyak Arts - Aboriginal Art centre

Gapuwiayak Aboriginal Art centre is a thriving community hub for more than 100 artists from Gapuwiyak community as well as surrounding homelands. It assists them with collecting materials, exploring ideas, and producing high quality artworks.

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Anindilyakwa Arts - Aboriginal Art Centre

Anindilyakwa Arts is a thriving hub of creativity located on the Groote Archipelago inextricably linked to its culture. The program, supported by and aligned with ALC's mission statement "to protect," maintains this rich tradition while promoting it through new generations - ensuring that traditional ways will live forever!

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Aboriginal Art by Region

Historically, Australian Aboriginal people had three main forms of communicating — storytelling, songs, and visual communication through painting, drawing and the use of ceremonial design. Without a written language, future generations, beyond generational learning, largely depended on the wide breadth of Aboriginal Art to communicate and understand past practices and culture.

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