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All of our paintings, with the exception of the pre-stretched 30x30cm works, are sent rolled. Sending paintings rolled is the best option for their safe arrival and allows us to include free shipping, provide a timely service, and maintain consistent pricing relating to the prices set by each art centre.

So what's in the post and what should you do when it arrives? A local framer is your best option and fortunately, there are many, so there is likely a convenient option nearby but go for one with decent reviews and if you call ahead you will generally get a better quoted price than if you turn up, painting in hand.

Our paintings are either painted on canvas or linen and if you are wondering the difference, linen offers a tighter weave which is generally of a higher quality and is more expensive. Materials do vary between art centres but they all use high quality fine art materials. The visual difference to you hanging the painting on your wall is negligible.


What are the two options for framing and hanging your canvas Aboriginal painting?

1. Have the work stretched around a stretcher bar. This is the base option and is how we display paintings on our product pages. Please note the size listed on each product page relates to the artwork itself, there is also a painted edge (usually 2cm) and additional canvas(usually 5-6cm) to wrap around the stretcher frame like this.

Image of un-stretched Aboriginal PaintingImage of canvas painting being stretched around stretcher barThe reverse of a painting stretched around stretcher barImage of stretched Aboriginal Painting hanging on wall

2. Have the work stretched but with the addition of a floating frame which is effectively a timber surround. This looks great and adds depth and prominence but also increases the framers fee. We prefer a natural timber(this example is Tas Oak) but black or white are also good options depending on your space.

Aboriginal Painting framed with float frameClose up of Aboriginal Painting framed with a float frameClose up of framed Aboriginal painting with float frame

Please note, we do not recommend framing your beautiful linen/canvas painting with glass. Glass would only be used if framing a work on paper or similar.

Example of framed Aboriginal watercolour painting

Please let me know if you need any further information - Guy

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