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Aboriginal Art, Art Centres, and Covid-19

In troubling and uncertain times like these, we find more meaning than ever in our mission at ART ARK®, which is to create economic opportunities for, and support and celebrate Aboriginal people through art.

Remote Aboriginal communities across Australia have closed themselves off from the outside world in the hope of preventing the spread of Covid-19. Chronic disease and over-crowding are endemic to community life. Social distancing and self-isolation are untenable. Health care clinics will be pushed beyond hope should an outbreak occur and hospitals with lifesaving equipment are many hours away.

But we must have hope and where possible support one another in these difficult times. Like many businesses across Australia, Aboriginal Art centres and their artists will be heavily impacted now and in the months ahead.

Critical revenue streams from tourist sales and national art fairs have stopped, whilst physical galleries are shutting down due to social distancing.

We are fortunate at ART ARK® to still be able to operate and to share artist's work with you. Supporting artists is our priority and we will continue to do so while our postal system allows. We continue to receive work from communities in these difficult times and are proud to share it with you. If you can, please consider supporting an artist or sharing our story with friends and family.

We must remain resilient during this challenging time. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and stay connected.

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