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Gapuwiyak Arts - Aboriginal Art centre

Gapuwiyak Aboriginal Art centre building

One of the best ways to experience the art of weaving is by visiting the Gapuwiyak Aboriginal Art centre. It is renowned for its master weavers and is a must for anyone visiting the area.

Gapuwiyak Culture and Arts centre is a remote Aboriginal Art center in east Arnhemland, owned by Yolŋu members. It is a thriving community hub for more than 100 artists from Gapuwiyak community as well as surrounding homelands. The art centre assists them with collecting materials, exploring ideas, and producing high quality artworks. The centre also assists in developing knowledge and skills in creating ,exhibiting, and marketing the artist's work.

The master weavers at the Gapuwiyak Aboriginal Art centre are the oldest and most respected weavers in the region. Their skills have been passed down through generations, and their beautiful works are admired around the world. At this center, you can see the incredible work that goes into weaving. It takes skill and experience to create a piece of art of this quality.
Located 24km off the Central Arnhem Road on the shore of Lake Evella, Gapuwiyak has all-year access by road and air. It is a little over an hour’s flight or 870km by road from Darwin, and 220km by road from Nhulunbuy. The art centre also provides an opportunity to learn about the rich cultural history through lively programs like tourism or workshops on traditional knowledge practices.

The Centre offers all year round access via road & air--making it much more convenient than going out into nature alone! There's no better place if you want friendly faces around when exploring this beautiful country side.

Gapuwiyak Aboriginal community form the air


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