Your artworks

That's me, the chief tea maker! It's an odd title I know, but after many years in community and donning the numerous 'hats' endemic to art centre life, chief tea maker resonates the most. I think I could hold my own against even the most experienced of chai wallahs, from the steamy streets of Bombay. Think two kettles, thirty artists (with an insatiable thirst), 5 days a week for 7 years and you're starting to get the picture..

Anyway, enough about tea, it's making me thirsty.

I stumbled into the Aboriginal Art scene some seven years ago now and whilst it was unexpected, I've never looked back. It was a steep but rewarding learning curve and it quickly became apparent that I knew very little on the subject. In fact, with the lack of tangible or practical information offered, It took years to fully grasp the complexities of the Aboriginal Art Market as well as the practicalities endemic to community life. I have started Art Ark in the hope of shortening the curve whilst also offering an ethical and accessible channel to purchase the beautiful artworks being produced.

I hope you enjoy our site, I'm off for a cuppa.