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Aboriginal Art centres are the beating heart of many remote communities. Primarily their function is to facilitate the production and marketing of Aboriginal Art on behalf of their artists and to act as a gateway to the broader community. Aboriginal Art centres also support the intergenerational transmission of stories of law and culture within their community, as well as providing training, economic development, employment, and leadership opportunities that are otherwise scarce. 

Aboriginal Art centres celebrate Aboriginal identity and are often central to the social and economic wellbeing of remote communities. They protect artists’ intellectual and cultural property and are the most sustainable and ethical model available in accessing Aboriginal Art. Purchasing artwork sourced from an Aboriginal Art centre provides a guarantee that your artwork is authentic and ethical and means you are supporting families, jobs, community and the next generation of Aboriginal Artists.

Aboriginal Art centres are listed corporations which have serious government reporting requirements and financial transparencies. Information relating to individual art centres, their annual reports and payment transparencies which include artist payments can be found via the Office of the Register of Aboriginal Corporations – 

The members of these Aboriginal corporations are made up of the artists themselves who annually elect a board of directors including a chairperson, vice-chairperson and treasurer to oversee the operations of each art centre in collaboration with the manager and staff members via annual general meetings, regular directors’ meetings, and day to day interactions.

ART ARK only works with Aboriginal Art centres and distributes funds back to them on a monthly basis via direct transfer. The majority of these funds are then paid to the artists and a portion is invested back into the art centre for operational costs and community programs as per the organisation's goals and management plan.


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Image: Eunice Napanangka Jack of Ikuntji Artists, Haasts Bluff - © Ikuntji Artists